About Us

The A-Z of Emotional Health online store was set up by Jenny Florence in response to requests from her ever growing AZEmotionalHealth Youtube Community.

Jenny worked as an Accredited BACP, UKRC Registered Counsellor for over 28 years. She has written several books including International Bestsellers, ‘7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy – Learn to Listen, Change your Life!’ & ‘Mindfulness meets Emotional Awareness - 7 Steps to Learn the Language of your Emotions’ and the I Choose Love Series which includes the Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Diary, Journal & Oracle Cards. She first began reading Tarot Cards and Runes as a teenager and has also studied astrology.

In May of 2019 she responded to a request to upload some readings onto her Youtube Chanel. The response was AMAZING! Her unique combination of Tarot and Rune interpretations, underpinned by her professional psychological and emotional knowledge, born of 28 years of counselling experience, had an immediate effect, reaching thousands of people overnight.

Having already founded the A-Z of Emotional Health on-line Video Library in 2017, adding readings seemed a natural progression in her dedication to bring psychological and emotional knowledge into the Public domain free of charge and to support people on their Spiritual pathway. The AZ Library is a completely free Resource, dedicated to understanding Emotional and Mental Wellness from a holistic perspective.

She made a decision to continue uploading monthly readings until the end of the year to see if they would make a difference in people’s lives. The AZEmotionalHealth Youtube Community has flourished! In her readings Jenny draws on messages from the natural world and the wisdom traditions of Tree Lore, Crystals and Herbs.

The First Limited Edition packs of the Art of Manifestation Oracle Cards were launched at the beginning of 2020, right at the start of the UK lockdown, available primarily on Amazon in the UK and US.

Following numerous requests asking how to access them elsewhere across the globe and where to buy the crystals and herbs that Jenny uses in her readings, setting up an online store was the next step. And so the AZ Emotional Health online store was born!

We are dedicated to sourcing our goods sustainably and wherever possible we use recycled materials in our packaging.