The A-Z of Emotional Health FREE online Library

There are a wealth of resources available to us that can help us to navigate life from a position of empowerment and awareness...  if we can only open our mind to this possibility. ​Launched in June 2017 as a Free Public Resource, the A-Z of Emotional Health online library is dedicated to changing attitudes towards all aspects of  Mental Health and Wellness, bringing Knowledge and Resources into the public domain completely free of charge.

"Science is increasingly demonstrating links to alternative approaches of help and support, including many potential avenues of help in the area of our Mental Health. Over the years both in my own life and in a professional capacity I have come across a great many alternative resources that support our ability to remain strong and resilient at times of difficulty and stress.

The A-Z Library is an ever growing resource that shares some of the varied ways of working that have not only supported me but have enabled me to support many, many people in the course of their own journey through crisis and challenge into health and wellness.
Why "EMOTIONAL" Health?

Mental Health and Wellness is never just about our state of mind, it is also about the way that we feel! 

Our mental health is underpinned by the way that we feel emotionally. Our mind and our emotions affect one another, and in turn, both are deeply affected by our life circumstances at any given time.

​It is not uncommon for people to struggle to talk about their feelings and to make sense of them. The more knowledge that we have, the more able we are to make sense of what's going on for us, both internally and externally... and far more importantly, what we can each do to process these experiences, and to move through them, and beyond them, becoming a more whole and complete, thriving human being in the process.

My heartfelt and deepest appreciation goes to all who have who have shared a part of their journey with me, showing me, time and again, that when we find the courage to own our vulnerabilities with honesty, compassion and a deep desire and commitment to create change from within, not only do we emerge with new hopes and dreams, but that with knowledge and awareness, we can develop the skills and attitudes that enable us to step into our fullest potential, becoming far more than we may once have ever dared to imagine."

Jenny Florence is a Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and a Counsellor with over 28 years of experience in Accredited Private Practice. Drawing on both personal and professional experience she has a unique ability to talk about the complexities of our mind and emotions in a language that is accessible and without jargon.

The A-Z of Emotional Health Mission Statement.

"I am continually in awe of our human capacity to grow beyond that which has caused, and indeed may still be causing us difficulty. We cannot change our past, but we can change our relationship to our past, and in doing so, we create change within our present, which in turn then changes the shape of our future.

The mission and intention of the A-Z Library is to create a resource that shares the knowledge and information needed to develop the necessary skills to create a life of personal empowerment in which the past can be laid to rest, no longer a burden, but a source of the richness that comes to us when we are able to navigate through and beyond our present difficulties. 

Stepping out of the Box!!

It is also our intention to explore and raise awareness of all avenues of potential healing that can support us in overcoming any life challenges, past, present or future, that might block us from reaching our fullest potential, contributing not only to our own development, but to the well-being of a collective humanity."

Jenny Florence