The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Diary 2022 signed copies

The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Diary 2022 signed copies

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You can purchase unsigned copies of this Diary on Amazon or order via your local book store using this isbn number:  978-1-8382863-2-3

Contents include:
  • Week to view diary pages with daily position of the Moon
  • Weekly space to journal
  • Monthly Astro-energy Updates with Card & Rune Guidance each Month
  • Discover the Art of Manifestation
  • Instructions to Use this Diary
  • The Phases of the Moon
  • The Moon in the Zodiac Signs    
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • The Planets in Retrograde 2022
  • Earth Calendar turning points 
  • New & Full Moon Dates and Times for the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

The Art of Manifestation involves not only imagining and dreaming of the kind of life that we wish to have, but we must also take actions that enable our dreams to find form.

One of the best ways of learning to align and work with the incoming energy of the Moon and her connection with the incoming energy from any of the other planets, is to learn to listen to ourselves and to notice how we find ourselves thinking, feeling and responding to these incoming influences. To do this, we will need to be aware of where the Moon is during her monthly cycle, along with some awareness of her relationships with the other planets as well.

This diary is designed to help you to do exactly this.

Each month as well as highlighting key phases of the Moon, you will also find further information about the incoming energy and potential influences of some of the other major collaborations and planetary connections. Plus, additional guidance from Oracle Cards and Runes for every month. Alongside the daily calendar dates which can be used as a standard diary, you will also find additional pages for you to journal and record your own experiences.

By recording your own experiences, as you journey through the year, this diary will form a personal record for you to continue to build upon and deepen your understanding of how to align yourself with the natural rhythms of the this extraordinary planet and her relationship with the energy of the planets that surround us.

For anyone who is serious about manifesting in alignment with the natural planetary influences you may also wish to use the Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Journal. The diary and journal can be used independently of one another but also compliment and work alongside each other.