The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Journal 2022 signed copies

The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Journal 2022 signed copies

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The Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Journal 2022 signed copies

You can also purchase unsigned copies of this Journal on Amazon or order from your local bookstore using this isbn number:  978-1-8382863-3-0

Contents include:
  • Discover the Art of Manifestation
  • Instructions to Use this Journal
  • Key Astrological dates each month with Tribal Moon phases 
  • Detailed New Moon Wishes and Intentions each Month
  • Detailed Full Moon Information each Month 
  • 12 sections of Lined and Clear Pages for Journaling
  • The Phases of the Moon
  • The Moon in the Zodiac Signs    
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • The Planets in Retrograde 2022
  • Earth Calendar turning points
  • New & Full Moon Dates and Times for the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand
This Journal gives an in-depth account of the monthly astrological influences throughout the year with specific details as to how best to navigate the incoming energy, plus additional information about Tribal Moon phases and the dynamics of the New Moon and the Full Moon to add energetic weight to your personal process of manifestation. It can be used independently or with the Art of Manifestation Astro-Moon Diary. Both will assist you in understanding how best to align with and use, the incoming astro-energy in support of your own process of conscious manifestation.
Astrological information doesn’t tell us what to do, it does however offer us an indication of the kind of energetic influences at any given time, and as such acts as an invaluable road map supporting our ability to navigate our lives form a position of conscious, mindful choice.

This journal has twelve monthly sections with lined and clear pages for journaling. Each section begins with a rundown of the astrological collaborations for the coming month plus specific information on how best to utilize the New Moon energy to enhance the setting of wishes and intentions, and the Full Moon energy to bring spiritual illumination and heightened awareness. Each month, the journal also draws on the natural properties of a particular stone or crystal that aligns with the overall astrological dynamic of the month. There is also information about the phases of the Moon, solar and lunar eclipses, plus a description of the way that the lunar energy is affected and channelled as the Moon travels through each sign of the zodiac. I have also explained the potential impact of the influences of the various planets in retrograde and listed the dates that these events occur.